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Died On This Date (August 16, 1977) Elvis Presley

Posted by on August 16, 2010

Elvis Presley
January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977

elvisElvis Presley was born in a two-room shotgun house built by his father in East Tupelo, MS on January 8, 1935. He had an identical twin brother named Jessie Garon Presley. Elvis arrived about 30 minutes later. And though he never met his brother, his life and ours would no doubt have been a hell of a lot different if he had. 42 years later, Elvis’ fiancee, Ginger Alden found his lifeless body. You probably know the rest.

What You Should Own

What You Should Own

3 Responses to “Died On This Date (August 16, 1977) Elvis Presley”

  1. Samii said

    I think many things in my life would be different if I was born kinda like 50 years ago…
    I really really love Elvis and his music, but I can’t believe that he’s dead (and by the way: I don’t want to believe it!!!)…
    But he’ll live forever!! In every song, in every picture and in the hearts of his fans!!
    Well, I could write so much about him… In the end I could sell it as a book… 🙂
    Elvis will always be the King of Rock’n’Roll!!


    (Sorry, if my grammar is a bit strange… I “usually” speak German…)

  2. Lisa Stone said

    Wow, I remeber that day, I can’t believe it’s been that long.

  3. Dawood said

    The quote of John Lennon: “Before Elvis, there was nothing.” says it all about that great artist of all times. Here I’ve tried to collect all notable tributes paid to Elvis Presley by peers:

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