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RIP, Sean “The Captain” Carasov (October 30, 2010) Record Label Exec

Posted by on October 30, 2010

Sean Carasov
November 17, 1961 – October 30, 2010

Sean “The Captain” Carasov was a respected music industry executive who launched his career in the mid ’80s.  In those early years he acted as the Beastie Boys’ road manager and more – working for Russell Simmons at the time – on the inaugural tour.  If there was ever a “fourth Beastie,” by all accounts, it might very well have been Carasov.  An expert on and lover of hip-hop, he had no difficulty landing A&R gigs at such labels as Jive, Atlantic and Mammoth just as the genre was starting to explode.  His successes include signing A Tribe Called Quest and curating the popular Menace II Society soundtrack.   Carasov also contributed numerous articles to music magazines from France to Japan.  In later years, he handled music supervision for the film, American Pimp and was did A&R for ARTISTdirect Records.  Sean Carasov was 48 when he took his own life on October 30, 2010.

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RIP, John Olsson (October 28, 2010) Founder Of Olsson’s Books & Records

Posted by on October 28, 2010

John Olsson
DOB Unknown – October 28, 2010

Photo By James A. Parcell (The Washington Post)

John Olsson was a longtime music retailer who started his career at Washington DC’s Discount Records in 1958.  In 1972, he left to open his own store which, after he expanded into books, was called Olsson’s Books & Records.  With nine stores at its peak, the eventual chain claimed nine stores and over 200 employees.  It was easily the DC area’s most popular music and book retail destination.  In 2008, Olsson closed the chain due to economic factors beyond his control.  On October 28, 2010, John Olsson passed away.  Cause of death was not immediately released.

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RIP, Bobby Porter (October 28, 2010) Pittsburgh Area Punk Legend

Posted by on October 28, 2010

Bobby Porter
July 24, 1951 – October 28, 2010

Bobby Porter was beloved punk singer who called the Pittsburgh area home.  A veteran of the Vietnam war, Porter first surfaced in the area as an R&B singer during the mid ’70s.  But by the end of the decade, he became taken by the city’s burgeoning punk scene and successfully transitioned into it.   Over the years he fronted such punk bands as Thin White Line and Young Lust, and built a solid following thanks to his strong soulful voice and his energetic performances.  Bobby Porter was 59 when he died of cancer on October 28, 2010.

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RIP, Stella Salamone (October 27, 2010) Popular Cleveland Disc Jockey

Posted by on October 27, 2010

Stella Salamone (Born Stella Cultrona)
September 20, 1966 – October 27, 2010

Stella Salamone was a popular Cleveland, Ohio metal disc jockey who, for over 20 years was known as the “Thrash Queen” at non-commercial station, WRUW-FM.  She was most recently, the co-host of the station’s popular, Domestic Decay program.  For many years, Salamone was an integral part of Cleveland’s punk, metal and thrash scenes.  She was even credited for being the first area DJ to play grindcore.  While still in her teens, Salamone first appeared as a guest DJ on WUJC’s Metal on Metal, and never looked back.  Stella Salamone was 44 when she passed away after being taken off life support at an area hospital.  Reports indicate that she had been found unconscience in her home a few days prior and that she had suffered a bad reaction to pain medications.

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RIP, James Phelps (October 26, 2010) Gospel Great

Posted by on October 26, 2010

James Phelps
DOB Unknown – October 26, 2010

James Phelps was a pioneering Gospel and R&B singer who, over the course of his long career worked with both Sam Cooke, Lou Rawls, and Otis Redding.  Phelps entered into show business while still in his teens, when he moved from Shreveport to Chicago and began singing in local Gospel groups.  After dabbling in rock ‘n roll and R&B a bit, Phelps returned to Gospel for the rest of his professional life.  In 1965, he scored an R&B hit with “Love is a Five Letter Word.”  James Phelps was 87 when he passed away on October 26, 2010.  He died from complications of diabetes.

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RIP, Gregory Isaacs (October 25, 2010) Influential Reggae Singer

Posted by on October 25, 2010

Gregory Isaacs
July 15, 1951 – October 25, 2010

Gregory Isaacs was a Jamaican reggae singer who the New York Times once called, “the most exquisite voice in reggae.”    After competing in a slew of talent contests while in his teens, Isaacs began making his first recordings during the late ’60s.  In 1973, he released “My Only Lover” which became a huge hit and has been cited as the birth of the lovers rock sub-genre of reggae.  He went on to work the biggest reggae producers and musicians, releasing several more hit records.  By the end of the decade, Isaacs was one of reggae’s most important figures.  During the ’80s, he released Night Nurse – the album and single of the same name are essential to any legitimate reggae collection.  Sadly however, Isaacs developed a severe drug addiction that took a toll on his voice and lead to a short term in jail. Upon his release, he continued to make many more albums, leading to 2008’s Brand New Me, which some critics were calling a return to form.   Over the course of his 40-year career,  he released upwards of 500 albums.  On October 25, 2010, Gregory Isaacs died of lung cancer.  He was 59.

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RIP, Andy Kotowicz (October 23, 2010) Record Company Executive

Posted by on October 23, 2010

Andy Kotowicz
DOB Unknown – October 23, 2010

Andy Kotowicz was a beloved music industry executive who is best known for his many years working at indie giant, Sub Pop Records.  At the time of his passing, Kotowicz was the Vice President of Sales and Director of Marketing.  He also dabbled in A&R, bringing such acts as Mudhoney and Pissed Jeans to the label.  Prior to Sub Pop, Kotowicz worked briefly at Spongebath Records.  Kotowicz was involved in a car accident on October 21st, 2010 after which he was taken to a local hospital where he was placed on life support.  His young daughter, who was also in the car, was pulled to safety.  On October 23, Andy Kotowicz was taken off life support and passed away from injuries sustained in the accident.  He was 37 years old.

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RIP, Ari Up (October 20, 2010) Lead Singer Of The Slits

Posted by on October 20, 2010

Ari Up (Born Ariane Forster)
January 17, 1962 – October 20, 2010

Ari Up was the lead singer for the British punk band, the Slits Born in Germany, Up was exposed to the rock music world at a very young age by her mother, Nora Forster, who was friends with Jimi Hendrix, Chris Spedding, and later married John Lydon of the Sex Pistols.  By the late ’70s, the Forster home was somewhat of a halfway house for starving punk musicians, with Up taking it all in, even learning to play the guitar from Joe Strummer.  In 1976, Up, who was just 14 at thetime, formed the Slits with Palmolive (Paloma Romero).   The band built a solid following thanks to its reggae and dub leaning punk sound, which was heavily influenced by the Clash, and Up’s energetic live performances.  In 1979, the band released its debut album, Cut, on Island Records to some controversy as the cover featured the women dressed only in loin cloths and covered in mud.  Even though it was never considered a “hit,”  the album generally appears in “best of” lists to this day.  Following the break up of the Slits in 1981, Up all but retired from music, moving to the jungles of Indonesia and Belize with her husband and children to live amongst the indigenous people.  She made music occasionally and resurfaced in 2005 to release her first solo album, Dread More Dan Dead.   The following year, Up reformed the Slits and released an EP and toured the world.  Since then she has appeared on albums by the likes of Lee “Scratch” Perry, the Jammyland All Stars, and Mark Stewart.  Ari Up passed away on October 20, 2010 at the age of 48.  Cause of death was not immediately released, but she apparently had been suffering from an undisclosed illness.

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RIP, Eyedea (October 16, 2010) Popular Underground Rapper

Posted by on October 16, 2010

Eyedea (Born Michael Larsen)
November 9, 1981 – October 16, 2010

Born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, Eyedea grew up to become a popular freestyle rapper.  He was also an accomplished guitarist.  During the early days of his career, Eyedea was a “battle emcee,” throughout the competive circuit.  His victories included Scribble Jam ’99, Blaze Battle 2000, and Rock Steady Anniversary 2000.  In 1998, he partenered with DJ Abilities (Gregory Keltgen) to form Eyedea & Abilities, and in 2001, they releaseed First Born on Rhymesayers Records.  Two new albums followed over the next few years, helping cement them as two of the most popular artists of the underground rap scene.  Eyedea also released several other albums and 12″ singles under names and configurations (Oliver Hart, Face Candy, Carbon Carousel).   Eyedea was 28 when he passed away on October 16, 2010.  Cause of death was not immediately released.

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Died On This Date (October 16, 1991) Ole Beich / LA Guns, Guns ‘N Roses

Posted by on October 16, 2010

Ole Beich
1955 – October 16, 1991

Born in Denmark, Ole Beich was an aspiring bassist who moved to Los Angeles during the early ’80s to find a career in music.  In 1983, he was hired by Tracii Guns to play in his glam metal band, L.A. Guns who would also eventually include Axl Rose on lead vocals.  The band soon morphed into Guns ‘N Roses with Beich serving as bassist for a short period.  After playing just one show with G ‘N R in 1985, he quit the group and was replaced with Duff McKagen.  On October 16, 1991, Ole Beich drowned to death in a Copenhagen lake.  The circumstances were reportedly suspicious leading some to speculate that Beich committed suicide.

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