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My name is Vince and I am a musicaholic.  By day I work  at Almighty Music Marketing where, among other things, we publish the popular weekly New Releases Now! eblast  that is sent to thousands of music lovers around the world.

Back in February of 2008, I had heard that the great Buddy Miles had passed away, so I started searching the various so-called celebrity death sites to see what I could find out. To my astonishment, there were no mentions at any of these places.  And then just two days later, Mike Smith the amazing lead singer of the Dave Clark Five passed away. Again, no mention in the celebrity death blog-o-sphere. I felt I had to right this injustice.

So, in honor of Buddy Miles and Mike Smith, I present you, THE MUSIC’S OVER. A place to honor those who have made us dance, reflect, laugh and cry.

Please let me know if I’m missing anyone

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What you’ll find on this site:  Dead Rock Stars. Dead Country Singers.  Rock Stars who committed suicide.  Rock star Final resting places.  Dead Punk Bands.  Murdered Rock Stars.  Dead Jazz Musicians.  Drug Addicts.  Junkies.  Rock Stars Who Overdosed.  Manslaughter.  Rappers Who Were Murdered.  Gunned Down.  Rock Star Grave Sites.   Jazz Heroin. Dead Punk Rocker.  Murdered Punk.  Junkie Rock Stars.  Rock and Roll Heaven.  Rock ‘n Roll Heaven.  Rock Stars On Drugs.  Rapper On Drugs.   Rock ‘n Roll Groupies.  Rock and Roll Grave Yard. Murdered Musicians.  Heavy Metal. Glam. Disco.

28 Responses to “About & Contact”

  1. rekx said

    What a great blog and a great tribute to all of these performers. Your efforts will someday be greatly rewarded! Keep it up.

  2. Linda said

    Dear Musicsover,

    I think this blog is a great idea! Too many musicians are gone — and almost forgotten. It’s so sad b/c they’ve added so much to this world through their music.

    You don’t have a Country category (yet), so I thought I’d post here about a great book I just read about Faron Young. It’s called Live Fast, Love Hard: The Faron Young Story and it gave me a whole new appreciation for his music. What a life he led!

    I’m hoping you will read this book and do a post on Faron — another great musician many don’t remember.

    Thanks again for starting this blog.


  3. themusicsover said

    Thanks for your kind words, Linda. I leave “On This Date” posts on the anniversaries of the artist’s death, so in the case of Faron Young, his will come on December 10th. And for so called “current” artists, I pay tribute to them as soon as I hear of their passing. Feel free to email me with any tips or other omissions.
    Thanks for reading and please tell your friends!

    • esther said

      Came across your site when searching about my friend Matt Mugridge. I’m wondering how you got your info for the story (which was great). Thanks, Esther

  4. zelada said

    Wow! Great idea and what hard work! There’s a lot of research involved in this. I mean, two months and already so many great artists. I like the way “heart attack” and “heavy metal” appear next to each other in the tag cloud!


  5. Townbeet said

    Wow, what an interesting website.
    Thanks for the comment about mine on scvtalk.

    All the best

  6. Just ran across your blog while searching Buck Owens info. I’ll keep checking in.

  7. GW said

    Zelada (#4) took the words right out of my mouth. Keep goin’!

  8. Great Site – especially love that you include industry figures and not just obvious rock stars

  9. Csarolyn said

    Happy Anniversary.

  10. SAMathies said

    Hey Man,

    Don’t know how I got here!!Right on,Dig the videos.


  11. Biggs said

    Like your site! I have been in the Industry 25 years, The last 20 with the same artist. I enjoyed your Southern Rock page, Worked with several of the guys on it. Great job!

  12. So glad to have discovered your site, although the deaths this week of lesley duncan, ron lundy, charlie gillett, and alex chilton seem too much to bear. keep up your good work.

  13. thanks for the blog great info …and very entertaing

  14. PAUL RAYBOLD said

    Hey Vince,

    I can’t imagine the time and work you must put in to get your site to be as informative as it is. I log in every single day, and every day I read about another significant person in the music business that I didn’t know about the day before. Thanks for all you’ve taught us and never let the music be over.


  15. Great site keep up the good work.

  16. T Taylor said

    Hello … Roger (King Of The Road) Miller Jan 2 1936 / Oct 25 1992 Lung Cancer
    Just Thought I’d share some info
    I Enjoy Your Site Very Much.. Taylor

  17. Bob Parkins said

    Finest kind. Delighted to have run into this labor of love. You’re about to take up residence here in the Great White North, Ottawa division.

  18. Su said

    Your site is fantastic . . . I have spent many an hour browsing through the various categories. I do hope that you do not think me cheeky but I have today seen in the news a couple of recent deaths that you may wish to add to your Rest in Peace section
    Billy Taylor b.July 24 1921 d.December 28 2010 the jazz pianist and composer (I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free) and
    Bobby Farrell b.October 6 1949 d.December 30 2010 the male ‘singer’ from Bony M in the 70’s dico boom who was found in his hotel room in St Petersburg earlier today
    Take care and I will keep dropping in

  19. Amy said

    Just wanted to let you know that your site ROCKS!! Have you ever considered also archiving musicians by cause of death? Some colleagues and I were discussing this very subject and I showed them your site. We would be interested to see who has succumbed to the ravages of HIV/AIDS among other illnesses. Just curious…

    Keep up the good work. It is unbelievable how many artists, etc. you have. Best site on the web yet!!


    • said

      Thanks for your nice words, Amy! Glad you enjoy the site. I’ve thought about categorizing by cause of death, but at this point it would take me forever to go back and edit each post accordingly – plus I’m not sure how respectful to the deceased and their families that would be. That is very important to me!

      You CAN enter any term in the search field at the top left, so you can find them that way. Keep in mind, I don’t always include the cause of death because either it’s not published, or again – to be respectful if I think family might be sensitive (drug use, etc).

      Hope you keep coming back to visit – and I appreciate you telling your friends!

  20. Alice Sorkowitz said

    question for Mr. Shearing:

    I have been studying the piano, playing Debussy and also George Shearing at the same time.
    Do you think you were influenced by Debussy. Your lovely chords are very like Debussy to me.
    I plan to give a Debussy/Shearing recital.

    I would appreciate an answer.
    Thank you so much.
    alice sorkowitz

  21. Tom Buccieri said

    Heard of your site from a No Depression post. Good work. I appreciate the hard work you’ve done collecting and providing all this interesting information. Here are a couple deserving of mention which are missing: Mickey Newbury, who died in Sept’02 and Hank Garland, who died in Dec’04.

    • Tom Buccieri said

      Hi Vince, I’ve thought of a few more worthies to include on your site. Not certain of dates, so I will not include them.
      George McCorkle, rhythm guitarist and songwriter w/ Marshall Tucker Band. Wrote “Searchin for a Rainbow.
      Walter Hyatt, singer/songwriter. Uncle Walt’s Band. Killed in Valujet crash in Everglades, 1995
      Champ Hood, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist. Uncle Walt’s Band.
      James Luther Dickinson/Jim Dickinson. singer/songwriter/producer. Father of the Dickinson brothers of North Mississippi AllStars. Producer of BigStar and many others.
      Hope this helps. Keep up the good work.

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