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RIP, Lloyd Knibb (May 12, 2011) Longtime Drummer For The Skatalites

Posted by on May 12, 2011

Lloyd Knibb
March 8, 1931 – May 12, 2011

Lloyd Knibb is best remembered as the longtime drummer for influential Jamaican ska band, the Skatalites.  Helping to form the group in 1964, Knibb was their for the early development of ska, a form of Caribbean music that included elements of calypso, mento, American jazz, and R&B that was the foundation of reggae.  The Skatalites’ biggest hit was “Guns Of Navarone.”   Knibb began his career during the 1940s when he played in various Jamaican jazz bands. That lead to session work for legendary producer Coxsone Dodd and recordings for the likes of reggae pioneers, Duke Reid and Prince Buster.  He provided the backbeat for the Skatalites from their inception in 1964 until their break up just a year later, and then from their much heralded 1983 reunion at Reggae Sunsplash until the time of his death.  He performed his last show with the band in April of 2011.  On May 12, 2011, Lloyd Knibb died of liver cancer.  He was 80.

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Died On This Date (May 6, 1969) Don Drummond / The Skatalites

Posted by on May 6, 2010

Don Drummond
1943 – May 6, 1969

don-drummondAs a respected Jamaican trombonist, Don Drummond was one of the original foundations on which ska was built.  Drummond started his career in the mid ’50s with Eric Dean’s All Stars, and in 1964, he helped form the legendary Skatalites.   Besides being one of the world’s best trombone players, Drummond was an extremely prolific songwriter, penning over 300 songs over his very short career.   On January 1, 1965, Drummond was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend, exotic dancer Anita “Margarita” Mahfood, who he stabbed to death in his apartment.  At his trial, he was found to be legally insane and was committed to Bellevue Hospital where he died of an apparent suicide on May 6, 1969.   Family and friends however, insist Drummond died at the hands of either a Jamaican government targeting the Kingston music scene, or the mob as revenge for the death of Mahfood.

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Died On This Date (November 14, 1984) Keith Hudson

Posted by on November 14, 2009

Keith Hudson
1946 – November 14, 1984

keith-hudsonKnown as the “Dark Prince of Reggae,” Keith Hudson was a reggae musician, singer, songwriter and producer who helped usher in the practice of “dub.”  As a child growing up in Kingston, Hudson was a schoolmate of such future legends as Bob Marley, Ken Boothe and Delroy Wilson.  Even at an early age, he gravitated toward the riddems that would eventually be called ska and reggae.  He soon became a disciple of Coxsone Dodd, the legendary Jamaican producer.  In 1960, Hudson produced his first record by a group of musicians who would soon become members of the Skatalites.  His first hit as a producer came in the late ’60s thanks to “Old Fashioned Way,” a record he made with Boothe.  He went on to work with Wilson, Alton Ellis and U-Roy.  He began making his own records during the ’70s and began experimenting with dub.  His albums at the time were critical hits in Jamaica.  His 1975 Pick A Dub is considered a masterpiece and is widely regarded as the very first deliberately thematic dub album.  Hudson moved to New York City not long after the release of Pick A Dub and eventually started his own label.  He was diagnosed with lung cancer during the summer of 1984, and was 38 when he died of it four months later.

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