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Died On This Date (March 12, 2010) Lesley Duncan / British Singer-Songwriter

Posted by on March 12, 2010

Lesley Duncan
August 12, 1943 – March 12, 2010

lesley-duncanLesley Duncan was a moderately successful English folk singer during the late ’60s and ’70s.  After working on her own during the early part of her career, Duncan hooked up with Elton John in 1970 to sing a duet of her “Love Song” which appeared on his Tumbleweed Connection album.  It remains one of just a handful of songs John recorded that was penned by someone outside of his and Bernie Taupin’s creative circle.  Duncan went on to provide backing vocals on such albums as John’s Madman Across The Water, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and the Alan Parsons Project’s Eve.  During the ’70s, she lent her vocal talents to recordings by Dusty Springfield, among many others.  Lesley Duncan was 66 when she died on March 12, 2010 of causes believed to be related to cerebrovascular disease.

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11 Responses to “Died On This Date (March 12, 2010) Lesley Duncan / British Singer-Songwriter”

  1. Rest in peace, sweet nightingale.

  2. Bruce Binder said

    I’ll remember this day. It was my wife Terri’s 51st birthday. She passed away 2yrs. March 21st. I can’t even picture Lesley being that age. May she RIP and talk to my wife in Heaven, if she hasn’t already.

  3. Blackdoogy said

    I am so sad…may u rest in peace…maybe I will meet u soon. Kiss and keep on singin in heaven…RIP

  4. cesar said

    We’ll miss her. RIP Lesley!

  5. chris garcia said

    Good bye sweet love – your love song will live on in my heart forever.

  6. JOEY CARBONE said

    I played keyboards on Leslie’s American tour back in the 70’s.
    She was a wonderful singer,songwriter, and human being.
    At that time she was married to my friend, Jimmy Horowitz, who was also her producer.
    I later went to London to play and sing on Steve harley’s album, produced by Jimmy ( recorded at Abbey Road), and took the train ( with a terrible hangover) from London to Cornwall to visit Leslie. She always made me smile and laugh.
    I remember once during a club performance at a club in washington D.c. , a member of the audience yelled out after a song” Your voice is like warm mountain spring”.
    She really liked that comment.
    Thank you for your friendship, smiles, laughs and great music.
    R.I.P. sweet Leslie

  7. So sad..we got the same birthday ‘tho she’s older than me..May she rest in peace…

  8. Kim Lay said

    I am so sorry to learn that Lesley has passed away. She was such a lovely lady who will be sadly missed. My condolences to Lesley’s family and friends.

  9. Hasan Mehmet said

    Cant belive that your gone ,It seems you made alot of people happy withe your music and words , I know you will be missed by all who knew you personally at one time in your life , I would have liked to have seen you once more , Just to say thanks for your kindness and helping us out at our time of need ,,Your music and memories will live on for ever ,May God be withe all who love you ,”aunty Lesley ” ,,All the Mehmets Cheshunt Hertfordshire.
    R I P ,,,

  10. Aw, I just found this site. I LOVED Leslie, she was one of my absolute favorites. She, as mentioned, did have a lovely voice and was a wonderful songwriter. RIP Leslie Duncan, you WILL be missed.

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