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Died On This Date (December 15, 2008) John “Sean” Byrne / The Count Five

Posted by on December 15, 2009

John “Sean” Byrne
November 16, 1947 – December 15, 2008

John Byrne is best remembered as the lead guitarist for ’60s garage rock band, the Count Five, who, although from the San Francisco area, chose it’s name to sound more akin to the popular British invasion bands of the time.   Byrne sang lead on and wrote the band’s only hit, 1966’s “Psycchotic Reaction,” which made it to #5 on the Billboard charts, and is generally included in any respectable garage compilation of the era.  The band surprisingly turned down numerous high-paying gigs in order for Byrne to go back to college, but did find time to appear on an episode of American Bandstand.  The band went on without him, touring with the likes of the Doors and the Beach Boys with Byrne joining the band for special engagements in later years.  John Bryne, 61, died of diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver on December 15, 2008.

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