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Died On This Date (October 27, 1980) Steve Peregrin Took / T-Rex

Posted by on October 27, 2009

Steve Peregrin Took (Born Stephen Porter)
July 28, 1949 – October 27, 1980

Steve Took is best remembered as the original drummer in Marc Bolan’s rock band, T. Rex.  After answering an ad in a 1967 London newspaper, Took met Bolan and together, they formed T. Rex as a duo.  While Bolan sang and played guitars, Took played bass and percussion.   The band built a strong cult following in and around the UK after releasing three albums in the late ’60s.  Famed UK disc jockey, John Peel helped them land a record deal.  Unfortunately, Took’s excessive drug use and abnormal behavior lead to Bolan releasing him from the band after their first U.S. tour in 1971.   Took began playing with a band called the Pink Fairies, while Bolan and his band’s fame took off.    He also worked as a solo artist for a couple of years before his death.  Steve Peregrin Took, 31, died after a night of drug use.  Official reports indicate that he died from chocking on a cocktail cherry, though some believe drugs played a part.

One Response to “Died On This Date (October 27, 1980) Steve Peregrin Took / T-Rex”

  1. Fee said

    Thanks for the Steve Took Memory Mention 🙂 And for spelling his name correctly!

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